The modern agricultural technical office was established in Cairo in the year 2000

The office is considered one of the best companies providing and implementing various agricultural services, as the office supplies the finest types of animal and vegetable compost or mix with certified analyzes certificate. Among the services of the office is supplying all kinds of vegetables and fruits in the local market or exporting abroad to all countries. Implementation of landscape works Design, implementation, supply and follow-up through engineers trained to give the best results using the latest available technology and the work of irrigation networks in addition to preparing comprehensive decorations for gardens and homes and we have all the agricultural nurseries, selling seedlings and garden supplies and also we supply agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides to eliminate agricultural and household pests

Pest control of all kinds, flying and crawling, and getting rid of rodents inside homes, and we also implement pest control programs for many different sectors and in commercial, industrial and tourist facilities through our branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt. About it in environmentally friendly ways while minimizing the use of pesticides, as we strive and do our best to spread environmentally friendly control while providing advice and instructions after each pest control process to ensure the continuity of the place free of insects for the longest possible period.